First C/AC Workshop RESCHEDULED to March 1

Due to inclement weather, poor road conditions and safety concerns, we have rescheduled the first C/AC workshop to SUNDAY, March 1, 1:30-3:30pm at DCCC in the Conference Room.

You can bring your completed C/AC application on Sunday, March 1


if you cannot make it and planned to turn in your application at the first workshop, please mail in your completed application to

Chinese Youth Camp – Shu Lam
143 Fallkirk Drive, Coppell, TX 75019

OR hand in directly at the Dallas Chinese Community Center by Monday, March 9.   Please make sure you have ALL your paperwork (completed registration form, completed C/AC registration form, photocopy of health insurance [front and back], CYC signature page/registration checklist, check for camp fee and separate check for security deposit).

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CYC 2015 Registration Open

Happy New Year!

We are now accepting both camper and Counselor/Assistant Counselors (C/AC) applications for the CYC 2015 camp.

Date:                           Sunday June 28, 2015 to Saturday July 4, 2015 at UT Arlington
Early Registration:     1/1/15 to 3/31/15, Camp Fee $450/camper
Registration:              4/1/15 to 5/15/15, Camp Fee $475/camper
C/AC Registration:      1/1/15 to 2/28/15, Camp Fee $450/C or AC applicant

For complete 2015 CYC camp package (2015 夏令營申請資料及報名表)

1. CYC camper package (學員申請資料及報名表) 5 pages

English:  please click here
Chinese (中文): 請按here

2. C/AC application package (正副輔導員申請資料及報名表) 6 pages

English:  please click here
Chinese (中文): 請按here

(Registration form, signatures page & C/AC application are Interactive pdf form, you can fill out the form on the computer/報名表, 簽名頁及正副輔導員表是可在電腦上填寫的pdf表格)


For separate links to the individual information pages (各別表格及須知)

1. Print/Sign & Mail (Camper學員)   2 pages (Interactive pdf form)

     Registration/signatures page (報名表及簽名頁 ),  please click here

2. Print/Sign & Mail(C/AC正副輔導員)  3 pages (Interactive pdf form)
    Registration/signatures page/C/AC form (報名表等 ),  please click here

3. Check out our Referral program, please click here

4. Not sure about CYC T-shirt size?  please click here

Please note all our CYC t-shirt sizes are ADULT sizes.  An Adult XS size is similar to a Youth Medium.


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2014 CYC Memories

2014 CYC Recap

2014 YouTube Video Playlist

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2014 Camper Final Package

Please review the 2014_CYC_Complete_Camper_Final_Pack before arriving Sunday, June 29.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or facebook message us at

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CYC 2014 Registration Open

Camp package for both camper and Counselor/Assistant Counselors (C/AC) for the CYC 2014 camp is now available!
Date:      Sunday June 29, 2014 to Saturday July 5, 2014 at UT Arlington
Early Registration:      1/1/14 to 4/30/14
Registration:      5/1/14 to 5/31/14 ($25 registration fee will be added)
C/AC Registration:       1/1/14 to 3/1/14

For complete 2014 CYC camp package (2014 夏令營完整資料及申請表) 5 pages
English:  please click here
Chinese (中文): 請按 here

C/AC application form (正副輔導員申請表) 1 page
English:  please click here

**Registration form, signatures page & C/AC application are Interactive pdf form, you can fill out the form on the computer/報名表, 簽名頁及正副輔導員表是可在電腦上填寫的pdf表格

Have a friend that has never attended CYC?
Check out our New Referral program, please click here

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2013 Camper Final Pack

Dear Parents and Campers:

Please click below to download the CYC 2013 pre-camp package (a PDF file).

Campers Check-in time: Sunday, 6/30/2013, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
學員報到時間: 6/30/2013, 星期日, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

In the package you will find detailed check-in and check-out procedures, including:

  1. how, when and where to check-in and check-out,
  2. forms that require signatures,
  3. what to bring and what not to bring to camp, and
  4. the direction to the camp.

If you have any questions feel free to call the numbers below.

營長  李庭槐 (817)-874-9993
副營長 王嘉玲 (972)-644-9421
註冊 王曙蒨 (972)-899-1043
Best Regards

Tingwhai Lee
CYC Camp Director

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2013 Camper Registration

Dear Parents and Campers:

The 2013 DFW Chinese Youth Camp is taking camper registration.  The registration is available to download at  2013 CYC Camper Registration.  This year, due to the late notice from UTA, we had a recent change in our camp program in order to lower the original asked camp fee from $425 down to $395.  In addition, we had the opportunity to add one more night of stay, which helps save the trouble of parents needing to drop their kids on Monday morning.

The 2013 CYC is scheduled from June 30 (Sunday) till July 6 (Saturday), we are using UTA campus again this year and we have added an exciting film making class to the camp program. I believe your child will love this new program.

Please notice that if you register your child before May 1st, you will get a $10 discount, this is to encourage parents to register early so we can better prepare our camp and bring more fun to the camp. Thank you for your support in year 2012 and we are expecting another wonderful year of Chinese Youth Camp to come. Cheers!





Tingwhai Lee
Camp Director

Registration Information:  2013 CYC Camper Registration

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2013 Counselor Application Available

Counselor and Assistant Counselor Applications are now available for CYC 2013.  An assistant counselor must be at least 15 by August 31, 2013 and a counselor must be at least 17 by August 31, 2013.

Chinese Youth Camp’s counselor training program is a great leadership opportunity.  There will be four workshops where the staff will get to know the candidates better, train on different camp scenarios, perform team building exercises, etc.  After the four workshops, we will have interviews and pick our 2013 CYC Counselors and Assistant Counselors.

If you are interested, you can download the applications at 2013 CYC Counselor Application or pick up applications at the Dallas Chinese Community Center (DCCC) in Richardson.  The application is due by our first workshop date, February 23.  Our first workshop February 23 will be held at DCCC from 10am-1pm.  You can also turn in the applications at the Dallas Chinese Community Center or mail it in.

If you have any questions, please contact our Camp Director or Dean of Counseling (contact information on the application).

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Save the Date

CYC 2013 Dates:   July 1 (Monday) – July 6 (Saturday)
Location:   UT Arlington in Arlington, TX
Counselor Application Registration:   Available next weekend,  due February 23
Camper Registration:   Available end of February,  due May 31

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2012 CYC Reunion

Don’t forget about the 2012 Reunion!*

Date:  August 4, 2012 (Saturday)
Time:  6:00-10:00pm**
Where: Dallas Chinese Community Center (400 N Greenville Avenue #12, Richardson, TX, 75081)

* At reunion, you will receive your deposit, yearbook, and DVD.
** Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

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