CYC 2018 Registration Update – 1/5/18

CYC 2018 registration is now closed; any camper, AC, or C who registers now will be put on the WAITING LIST.
We are currently waiting for checks to come in for all the people who already registered. If we do not receive checks from the people who already registered in 5 business days, they will lose their spot, and we will move people from the waiting list into their spot.
We will contact you within 7-10 days to let you know if you have been moved off the waiting list. We ask that you do NOT send checks until you have been contacted by CYC that you have been moved off the waiting list.
Thank you for your patience, and have a wonderful weekend! Please contact if you have any questions.
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CYC 2018 Registration Update – 1/2/18

We are excited because A LOT of people have completed the CYC online registration! Our registration is filling up fast, and remember our registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, if you are interested in CYC 2018, please complete your registration ( including payments as soon as possible.

Remember registration is not complete until your payments and insurance card copies are received.

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CYC 2018 Registration

Happy New Year!! CYC 2018 is only six months away, and we are looking forward to another exciting camp experience.  We are now accepting both camper and Counselor/Assistant Counselors (C/AC) registration for the Chinese Youth Camp 2018.

Camp Date / Location:  July 1st, 2018 (Sunday) to July 7, 2018 (Saturday), at UT Arlington
C/AC Registration:   1/1/18 to 1/31/18, Camp Fee $495
Early Registration:   1/1/18 to 1/31/18, Camp Fee $495 per camper
Registration:            2/1/18 to 3/31/18, Camp Fee $520 per camper

For complete 2018 CYC camp package (2018夏令營申請資料及報名)
This year, CYC registration can be completed using the Online Registration process (part A) OR the Paper Registration process (part B).

A. Online Registration click HERE 上網報名

Items you need to mail back after you submitted online registration:

  1. Copy of front & back of Insurance Card 保險卡正反面影本
  2. Two checks payable to DCCC (camp fee/ Deposit) 營費及保證金支票

B. Paper Registration 郵寄報名表
Camper / C / AC Registration Package (夏令營資料及報名表) 5 Pages.
English:  please click HERE
中文: 請按 這裡
Registration form and signatures page are in Interactive pdf format (you can fill out the form on the computer) 報名表, 簽名頁及正副輔導員表是可在電腦上填寫的pdf表格

Items you need to mail back if you are using paper registration:

  1. Print and mail signed Registration form and signature page (Page 4 & 5).
    填寫,印出,寄回 報名表及簽名表 2 張 (第4頁及第5頁)
  2. Copy of front & back of Insurance Card 保險卡正反面影本
  3. Two checks payable to DCCC (camp fee/ Deposit) 營費及保證金支票

C/AC Online Application Form Link (正副輔導員) HERE
If you are interested in applying to be a Counselor Assistant Counselor, please fill out the C/AC Online Application Form (linked above) AND complete the online or paper registration.

Not sure about CYC T-shirt size?制服尺寸  please click HERE


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CYC 2018 – Registration will begin January 1st

Save the dates for CYC 2018:  July 1st (Sunday) to July 7th (Saturday) at UT Arlington!

CYC 2018 registration information will begin on Monday, January 1st, 2018.  Please check our website on Monday, January 1st, 2018, for more information.  Remember registration is first come, first serve.  Registration is considered complete when all required documents and checks are received.



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CYC 2017 – Final Reminders

CYC 2017 starts this Sunday, July 2, and we hope you are excited!

We would like to remind you of the following:

1) Refer to the Pre-Camp Final Packet for when/where to check-in.
* Camper Pre-Camp Final Packet is available here
* Camper Check-In: 3:30-4:45pm at Arlington Hall
* Check-In Instructions are available here 

2) Review the packing list to help pack for the camp
* Remember that specific groups need to bring items for the folk dance ending performance and/or street dance ending performance.
* Remember one extra set of clothes for water activities night.
* Remember one formal or semi-formal outfit for banquet night

3) UTA parking is very strict, so park in Lot 38, Lot 39, F11 or Park South parking garage.
* Driving directions and parking information are available here.

4) If you have any questions during the camp, you can call the camp director, deputy director or registrar. Please do not call counselors during the camp because they will be busy taking care of your kids.
Camp Director: Tingwhai Lee 營長 李庭槐 (817)874-9993
Deputy Director: Chialing Chung 副營長 王嘉玲 (214)536-3968
Registration: Tina Higley 樊秋霞 (214)448-7402

5) Check your email during the week of camp as we will send information about the closing ceremony and parking information for the closing ceremony.

See you Sunday!

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CYC 2017 – Camper Final Pack

1. Pre-camp Final Pack package 營前提醒資料:
In the package you will find detailed information for how, when and where to check-in:

  1. Campers Check-in time 學員報到時間: Sunday, 7/2/2017, 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm
  2. Check-in Location 學員報到地點:  Arlington Hall (600 Spaniolo Dr, Arlington, Texas 76010)
  3. What to bring and what not to bring to camp, and
  4. Parking information:  please refer to Page 4 and 5 of the pack for parking lot map and directions.

  For complete pre-camp final pack package 營前提醒資料: Please click HERE

2. Please read the following two consent forms. You don’t need to print them as we will have you sign the form during check-in process at UTA.  請閱讀下列二項同意書 (必讀資料,不須印出), CYC 會準備表格, 讓您在入營時簽字.
a.  Parental Consent for Publicity of Student Activities 學生活動的宣傳之家長同意書: Please click HERE
b.  Luggage Safety Consent Form 行李安全檢查委託書: Please click HERE

If you have trouble downloading the pre-camp final package, please email and we will send you an attachment PDF file directly.

See you July 2nd for CYC 2017!!


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CYC 2017 Group Assignment

Campers & Parents of CYC 2017:
Please check your email as we sent out an email on May 4 about group assignments.

A few reminders from the email:
* Any requests for changes for groups must be emailed by Friday (May 12, 2017) 11:59pm to be considered.
* When a camper submits a request, the parent needs to be included in the email.
* We cannot promise that your change for a different group will be granted because we have a maximum number of campers per group and other reasons.

If you did not get this email, please make sure to check your spam/promotions folder. If it is not in those folders, please email

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in two months!

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CYC 2017 Information

If you would like more detailed information about our camp, please refer to the following CYC 2017 information page from the paper registration packet.

English Version: CYC 2017 Information_English

Chinese Version: CYC 2017 Information_Chinese

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CYC 2017 Registration Updates Part 2

As of January 23 (Monday), our registration for CYC 2017 is closed. You can go online and register for our waiting list. Do not send checks until you hear from us to let you know that a spot is available for your child(ren).

You can get on the waiting list by register online, click HERE 上網報名
     Items you need to mail back  once you have been notified that we have a spot available for your child. 
1) Copy of front & back of Insurance Card 保險卡正反面影本
2) Two checks payable to DCCC (camp fee/ Deposit) 營費及保證金支票
         Mail to Tina Higley – CYC
1701 Arena Dr. Plano, TX 75025

If you already registered online but have not sent in your checks / copy of insurance card, please do so by today (January 23). If we do not receive your checks and insurance card copy postmarked by today (January 23). We will release your spot for people on the waiting list.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for applying for CYC 2017.
        Contact Us (連絡電話及網頁)

Registration:     Tina Higley 樊秋霞  (214)-448-402  Email:
Camp Director:  Tingwhai Lee  營長 李庭槐    (817)-874-9993
Deputy Director: Chialing Chung   副營長 王嘉玲  (214)-536-3968

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CYC 2017 Registration Updates

We are so excited for the overwhelming response to our online registration process. Please remember that your registration is not considered complete until you complete all the checklist items, specifically all the mailed in items. If possible, please mail your items using regular mail rather than registered mail. If you mail it registered, it may delay the process.
In addition, you will receive an email confirmation once your registration is complete. Please allow 7 business days for processing.
If you have any questions, feel free to email Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at CYC 2017!
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